The passion for the art of photography first began as a child, first with imagery and graphic design at the age of twelve. Later in his late teens, he began his experience in the field of photography in various categories. Shooting product pictures since his late teens, he is currently an expert and fully proficient in product photography be it for Storefronts, Restaurants, Amazon FBA, eBay, or any online retailer.

Passionate about meeting new people and photographing what he loves. He has multiple years of experience shooting product pictures with major retail stores, small businesses and restaurants. You’ll have the power to make your business look and feel totally unique and modern. He continues to work with many photographic studios basing his personal style, attending specialized courses in camera techniques, developing and print. In 2019 he began his professional career in his studio in the beautiful city of Toronto, with special dedication to advertising and digital post-production. 

some of my amazing clients