Alzheimer Society of Toronto

It was an honour to work with the Alzheimer Society in Toronto. They have a neat program that helps people with Alzheimer's have some form of memory. They use music through mp3 players filled with songs that the person with Alzheimer's grew up with or loved listening to before they were diagnosed. This helps the individual retain certain aspects of their memory.

This program has been running since the early 2000s and I was hired to help them redesign their website by taking new product pictures for online use. Working out of their high rise York location, I carried all my portable equipment and got the cleanest shots to help them achieve their goals. Edited all the pictures as well all within a week's time.

I am proud to have worked with them and would recommend everyone who knows someone with Alzheimer's or is diagnosed themselves to take the initiative and visit the Alzheimer society of Toronto's website for further information.

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