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I run a full service photography company in the field of helping your business achieve it's highest potential by restoring your brand in the eyes of your current and potential customers

I first got into photography to help sell items around the house for my father, using a basic iPhone camera. I would stage the items around the house no matter how big or small they were. I remember my dad instructing me to put up our second refrigerator for sale on Kijiji. Considering that the refrigerator is in our unfinished basement with bad lighting, with the help of my brother I carried it up the narrow wooden stairs to the main floor and replaced the refrigerator in our main kitchen as it would have the best lighting and setting possible for a quick sale. I continued cleaning out the refrigerator to make it look as new as possible, adding any magnetic collectibles on the refrigerator as to make it look attractive to potential customers. The refrigerator was almost new and was priced just $20 below manufacturer price, although being a few months old. The refrigerator sold the next day.

I started buying used, non working cell phones, tablets and computers, fixing them and pricing them for sale since high school. This was a hobby of mine but the skills that I learned allowed me to take the best possible pictures for potential customers. The returns from this endeavour allowed me to invest in a light room box to capture products in their purest form under white backgrounds. Imagine a 16 year old running a high ROI online business through eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji having quality pictures as good as the manufacturer pictures and better than online business competitors from different parts of the world. Capturing each blemish and each scratch on the product is very important and hard to capture in regular lighting. Most times, the portrayal, or the lack of portrayal, of flaws of used phones leads to a loss of sale. This attention to detail led me to achieve a high ROI and quick in-person and online sales with a 5 star review on every product sold. 

I continued growing my skills in photography taking portraits for athletes and artists during my time in Chicago circa 2014-16. I have shot editorial photos that were placed in local industrial/editorial magazines in the Chicago, Illinois region. Shooting athletes in GymShark wear around the Chicago metropolitan area ended up in phenomenal shots being used in marketing media for Instagram and YouTube. Shooting hip hop acts that visit Chicago for concerts such as MetroBoomin, Sonny Digital and local budding acts such as Vic Mensa, SupaBwe, and others who were a part of Chance The Rapper's "savemoney" crew ended up in local hip hop magazine placements. 

You can now see me in the Toronto GTA region with a camera strapped on my neck and lightroom and tripod equipment in hand visiting different businesses and locations to help them achieve their highest potential online and offline.

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My name is Rish Kuma and I have been specializing in all things product photography since 2008. Starting with capturing ideas of how the product would look in the company's website, then focusing on the perfection of the product by cleaning up the product for the best product photography, capturing the clean product in the best angles, and editing them for placement on to your website or social media marketing messages, my primary focus is creating images that you will use to attract current and potential customers




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